Welcome to the MyShiftTeam blog! It’s great to have you along.  

What is My Shift Team?

My Shift Team is the companion to My Shift Planner. The longest surviving and most successful shift workers’ app on the app stores.

We’ve created MyShiftTeam to help Shift Managers who want a better way of scheduling team shifts and hours and managing leave requests.  

What the MyShiftTeam Blog about?

On this blog we will be providing useful tips and information for shift managers, as well as keeping you connected with all the features, updates, improvements we make to MyShiftTeam.

We plan to make the same difference to the lives of Shift Managers as we already do for over a quarter of a million Shift Workers all around the world.  

The “MyShiftTeam” Way

Like My Shift Planner, My Shift Team exists is to make the working lives of shift managers and shift workers easier. We aim to provide the tools that will create an environment where everybody can be productive and be in control of their shift work lives.

With My Shift Team, we’ve built a tool that allows managers and staff to use a simple app-based interface to manage work schedules, recording time and attendance, and submit and manage holiday requests.

The benefits to using MyShiftTeam are clear. Better productivity, greater visibility of the team and work rotas, and considerable time saving as well,

With planning in your pocket, you never have to battle with Excel spreadsheets or do the ring around again!  

Who uses My Shift Team?

Our workers app, My Shift Planner, is typically used by shift workers who work rotating shift patterns, such as 4On/4 OFF, Du-Pont Schedules or 2:2:2 patterns.

They come from all industries, in emergency services, medical, retail, airlines, manufacturing, hospitality, health, and franchise sectors.

But any business can use My Shift Team to manage their staff. As the platform can handle the daily tasks of running a team’s work life.  

Who Created My Shift Team?

My Shift Planner was conceived six years ago as a direct tool for a shift worker in the airport industry.  Within a few years it has become the leading shift workers app with over a quarter of a million daily active users.

My Shift Team is also a response to direct requests from our users, who want a tool that can set up schedules and link them to the app.

For managers who have relied on time-consuming manual systems to set up schedules, My Shift Team can make all the difference.

We believe strongly that Shift Workers and their Managers need support. By providing them with the best tools to manage their shift work, we believe that we are able to revolutionise the productivity of shift working organisations.  

Join our Preview Programme

The team at My Shift Team are creating the preview version right now.

We are looking for users who want to join our exclusive preview programme to help us refine MyShiftTeam to become the best option for shift managers and shift workers. We look forward to providing you with more

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